Fast Facts
-Pronounced: Cho-wonn
-Land area: 3.2 million acres (5,000 sq. miles)
-Portion of basin in Virginia: 75%
-Population(2010 Census): 218,000
-Number of sub-basins: 4 (Blackwater, Nottoway, Meherrin, Chowan)
-Miles of rivers and streams: 9,916

Our mission is to engage a diverse group of stakeholders for collaboration on issues concerning water quality, habitat, and other natural resources within the Albemarle and Chowan watersheds.

Goals of the Albemarle-Chowan Watershed Roundtable

1. Improve and strengthen communication and cooperation among local, state, and federal environmental agencies, organizations and localities.

2. Increase watershed awareness among the general public.

3. Increase visibility of the Albemarle-Chowan Watershed Roundtable.

4. Increase public awareness of the Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Program.

5. Use best available data to develop water quality projects for Albemarle and Chowan watershed planning efforts.